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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I loved dance.  I inherited this from my father who happens to be deaf, but nonetheless, a great dancer.  He danced from his heart, and would spontaneously do so in the grocery store, walking to the car, at my school - and everyone watching would smile with joy.  The only music he needed was from his heart and I absolutely love that about him.   The only dance training I ever had was "Obon" - traditional Japanese dance.  Wearing a kimono and fan tucked in my obi, I'd train for the annual parade - I was 5 years old.  I was a serious student, I put my whole heart into every step and remember to this day how amazing it felt to perform.  After my parents divorce,  there were no more dance lessons.  I switched to organized sports where my appreciation for fitness grew.   One day, much later in life, my boss asked me to join her Step aerobics class.   The choreography was so exciting, I'd obsess over perfecting every move - I was hooked!  A few years later, I decided to become an instructor. This is where I began my group fitness journey. .....step, toning, spinning, slide, bosu, cardio kickboxing, body pump, body jam... you name it, I did it.   This went on for years until I married my husband and we moved to Hawaii to start our family.   After having two kids, I was looking to get back in shape and joined the YMCA in Honolulu.  This is where I discovered Zumba - the perfect blend of fitness, dance and FUN!  The choreo matched the music - the music always uplifting and exciting!  I knew it was my next obsession - my calling back to the fitness world.   Now, I spend my days formulating exciting moves with great music and draw from my many years of instructing to deliver a workout experience that will keep you wanting more .  Spreading the Zumba love - that is my mission, my passion.   From my Dad to you....shine your inner light and "LET IT MOVE YOU"!


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